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Did you hear the screming
It is the night of Halloween
And you have come to visit this place.
You have come for treats
But you'll find tricks


As you walk around the corner
The night gets darker
As the fools full moon becomes hazy
And the wind begins to spin


Soon here
Your feelings are not quite clear
It's the night of Halloween
You get the feeling there were others


But you still feel alone
Trying to be aware and still
As your quiet nightmare has begun
You really want to run
But you know you must go slowly
So you make no mistake


Now you could knock on the door
But you hear the door creek open
As the ones begin to scream
Things go whirling
Like your caught within a dream


Then the dead start rising
And you must go through the door
Oh no what awaits you
Must be horror to its core


Author: It Is The Night Of Halloween Poem, copyright ©Susan J. Flory


It sure feels like Halloween Night see the flash lightening

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